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Four reasons for the failure of communication optical cable line
- Sep 07, 2018 -

First: The impact of Lightning

The armored components of the optical cable are all metal conductors, if the power line produces a short-circuit or lightning strikes the metal parts, it will produce a powerful electric current to destroy the optical cable line equipment, serious even people will appear casualties.

Second: poor insulation of optical cable lines

Communication cable Line If the insulation work is not done, then the connector box after water or in the case of moisture will be due to stress corrosion and static fatigue and other reasons to greatly reduce the strength of the optical cable, serious time will occur when the cable fracture.

Third: The impact of external forces In many cases, line faults are affected by external forces.

As many communications optical cable lines are laid in the field, the general burial standards are deep below the stratum, so can not effectively avoid a lot of external factors on the destruction of optical cable lines.

Four: Fault at the line connector In the area of the line connector is most prone to failure, this is because the fiber connector at the original cable structure has no protection or protective force has been significantly weakened, so the daily operation of protection can only rely on the joint box, which leads to a significant increase in the probability of failure.