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Introduction of indoor optical cable
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Indoor fiber optic cable is based on the use of the environment to classify, and the opposite is the outdoor optical cable.

Indoor optical Cable classification, because the indoor fiber optic cable by the building environment, laying conditions and other restrictions, resulting in the structural design of indoor cable is becoming more complicated, optical fiber and optical cable material diversification, the mechanical properties of optical cable and optical performance each have a focus.

A, according to the use of the environment and location of the division

Can be divided into indoor backbone optical cable, indoor wiring cable and indoor relay cable three kinds.

The main indoor cable is to provide the inside and outside of the corridor, while the indoor wiring cable and indoor relay cable are used to transfer information to a specific location.

B, according to the number of fiber cores divided

Can be divided into single-core, double-core and multi-core three kinds.

Indoor optical cable usually contains 1-36 cores, there are larger than 36 cores of large number of optical fiber cable, and even large core number of high-intensity cable.

Fiber in the cable has single-mode fiber, multimode fiber, dispersion-shifted fiber and eccentric fiber, may also use plastic fiber.

C, according to the shape of the optical fiber, biased (B), round (E) and other shapes of indoor optical cable (according to the radiation environment requirements are different)

D, according to the location of optical fiber in the cable or the structure of the optical cable, there is a central beam tube type, twisted, skeleton type and overlap with the indoor cable. E, according to the sheath material points, there are flame retardant and non-burning indoor cable.