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Outdoor Cable Laying method
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Since the application of communication optical cable since the 70 's, now has developed into a long-distance trunk line, the city telephone relay, underwater and submarine communications and LAN, private network and other wired transmission backbone, and has begun to the user access network development, from the fiber to the roadside (FTTC), optical fiber to the building (FTTB), etc. to the fiber Development

For a variety of applications and environmental conditions, communication cable has overhead, direct burial, pipelines, underwater, indoor and other laying methods. Aerial optical cable is a cable that is used to hang on a pole. This kind of laying method can use the original aerial Wire Rod Road, save the construction cost and shorten the construction period. The aerial cable is mounted on the pole, which is required to adapt to various natural environments. Aerial optical cable is susceptible to typhoon, ice, flood and other natural hazards, but also susceptible to external forces and their mechanical strength weakened, so the failure rate of aerial optical cable is higher than the direct-buried and pipeline fiber optic cable. Generally used for long-distance two or two below the line, suitable for special-purpose network optical cable lines or some local special lots.