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The development of indoor cable
- Sep 07, 2018 -

With the construction of broadband network and the rapid development of intelligent building, the market demand of the indoor communication fiber optic cable is also increasing simultaneously, the market capacity is very big.

In addition to the user introduction of indoor communication cable, but also widely used as indoor wiring, jumpers, communications equipment and data equipment in the connection and data lines, with the continuous deepening of fiber, this demand will continue to increase.

In addition to the field of communication, but also to take into account other areas and the export demand of the indoor optical cable, so the preliminary estimate of indoor optical cable domestic market demand this year will reach 7 billion yuan, next year will exceed 10 billion yuan, the future market demand will maintain even more than 20% of the growth rate. The development of domestic indoor cable can be divided into four stages, before 2003 is the first stage, for the initial stage of the indoor optical cable, basic for research, preparation and development phase, there are a small number of mini-core indoor cable is used in the jumper market. 2004 ~2009 Year is the second stage, for the transition stage, the industrialization gradually formed, the industry standard simple formation serialization, the user gradually increased, the use of indoor optical cable is increasingly extensive and diversified. The third stage for 2010 years, is the rapid growth of industrialization stage, the stage of the indoor cable will grow steadily, the production of rapid increase in the market, the price competition is very fierce, various manufacturers explore the way out to seek development and growth, various structures, various materials, various uses of the indoor optical cable was developed. The Forth stage is 2016 years later and the next few decades, is the future development stage of the indoor optical cable. Indoor optical cable will be widely used in various fields and scope, the structure of the indoor cable will be more diversified, the technology matures, the product quality is more perfect and reliable, the market is more stable and standardized, indoor cable production plant is also tending to focus and scale, the market vitality of the indoor fiber optic cable will be more powerful.

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