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The selection technique of cable in the demand of indoor integrated cabling
- Sep 07, 2018 -

As a kind of transmission medium of integrated cabling system engineering, optical cable is more and more widely used, and it satisfies the demand of information communication network continuously. As the indoor environment should be more special, indoor cable in maintaining a very good flame retardancy, mechanical characteristics and optical transmission characteristics, but also to meet the standard of toxicity, corrosion and low smoke requirements.

Here's how you can meet the demand for integrated cabling in your room. In the integrated cabling system, the vertical system of the fiber-optic cable in the floor, the horizontal system in the small space application of communication cabinets and optical fiber to the desktop application, through the high-pressure inflatable space communication applications, etc. have made different requirements for indoor optical cable.

Therefore, in the choice of indoor optical cable to be extremely cautious. At present, most of the indoor cable selection using tight-set fiber or single-core cable as the basic unit, Aramid yarn reinforced, using flame retardant or non-burning sheath of the soft optical cable. Its advantage is that the tight sleeve and the optical fiber into one, to provide a good mechanical protection, so that the fiber in the termination of the performance of a good compression and flexural resistance; good softness and toughness, small bending radius, good environmental protection, improve the fiber service life.