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Advantages Of Optical Fiber Communication
- Sep 07, 2018 -

① Optical fiber Communication capacity is very large, especially the use of wavelength division multiplexing (including dense wavelength division multiplexing), the transmission rate is very high, single fiber up to 560tb/s※.

② optical signal is transmitted in the optical fiber, the attenuation is very small, the transmission distance will be longer.

③ It is very important that the attenuation of the light signal is affected by temperature very little, which makes the transmission signal very stable.

④ optical signal is not affected by electromagnetic interference, signal crosstalk is small, strong confidentiality.

⑤ It is very easy to and light up at different wavelengths, and there are many devices.

⑥ Optical terminal equipment range, technology mature, stable performance, high reliability.

⑦ Natural failure rate is low, maintenance is small, in addition to human damage (such as construction), rarely fail. 

⑧ cable without copper, will not be stolen, for the country to save a lot of copper resources. Other advantages will not be said.