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Analysis Of Cable Line Maintenance
- Sep 07, 2018 -

(1) Regular patrol, fixed-point special inspection, at any time to eliminate the cable routing on the stack of flammable explosive materials and corrosive substances, set up standard stone, signs and publicity cards, to stop the construction of the cable, tree planting and cut grass road and other activities, on the cable routing prone to scour, excavation lots for earth reinforcement and necessary trimming.

(2) When the direct-buried optical cable route on the ground subsidence, the fiber optic cable will be affected by the side pressure and tension, therefore, the need to quickly identify the cause, to be treated.

(3) To maintain the manhole, basement, waterline room tidy, regularly to the cable tray, fiber optic cable signs and ground inspection and maintenance.

(4) To ensure that the pipeline cable in the human hole should not be squeezed, cable bending should meet the standard. The joint box of the pipeline fiber optic cable should be placed firmly to prevent corrosion, damage, deformation and other conditions.

(5) Regular reinforcement and maintenance of overhead optical cable lines. Requirements hanging wire hook spacing evenly, the radius of curvature of the cable can not be too small, aerial cable connector box to be fixed firmly, to ensure that it can not be damaged everywhere.