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Analysis Of Pipeline Cable Laying Method
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1, the optical cable in the pipe hole before laying in the hole, the optical cable selected 1 holes with the dice tube always wear, unused sub-tube mouth should be the protection of the stopper.

2, considering the laying process are manual operation, in order to reduce the loss of fiber optic cable joints, pipeline cable manufacturers should use the whole plate laying.

3, the laying of the process should minimize the traction when the cloth, the whole plate of optical cable from the middle to each side of the cloth, each person hole arrangement for the intermediate auxiliary traction.

4. The hole position of the optical cable should conform to the design drawing requirements, and the pipe hole must be cleared before laying the pipeline cable.

The Concont in the hand hole should expose the redundency of about 15cm of the pipe hole.

5, hand Konnezi pipe and plastic textile management interface with PVC tape wrapped, so as not to infiltrate the sediment.

6, optical cable in the human (hand) hole installation, if the hand hole has a pallet, the cable is fixed on the pallet, if there is no supporting plate in the hand hole, the cable should be fixed on the expansion bolts, expansion bolts of the hook mouth requirements downward.