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Application Of Fiber Optic Cable In Power Communication
- Sep 07, 2018 -

Fiber optic cable transmission is reliable, fast, reliable, environmental performance, and can meet the particularity of power system transmission, so it is widely used in electric power communication network. Common fiber optic cables include OPGW, ADSS. OPGW is a ground composite fiber optic cable, the fiber is placed in the already well-built underground equipment, the advantage is the ground equipment and the complementary, will maximize performance. ADSs is a full-media self-supporting fiber optic cable, this kind of optical cable environmental adaptability is strong, because of its compact structure, so can ensure that the cable in the harsh environment without force, fiber optic cable flexibility is high, with strong anti-bending ability, the entire optical cable is non-metallic materials, to avoid electromagnetic interference. The two kinds of networking in the process of electric power communication are DWDM,SDH.

DWDM is a dense wavelength division multiplexing technology, SDH is a synchronous digital system, both have advantages and disadvantages, and now common network strategy is to combine the two, while improving the transmission speed and security of power communication. Electric Power Communication network covers all parts of the country, which puts forward high requirements for power equipment, the most basic factors include the reliability, expansibility, transmission and environmental protection of power communication. Optical fiber transmission speed, strong anti-jamming ability, high environmental performance, can be well applied to the power communication network. This paper introduces the particularity of electric power system, analyzes the reason that the optical fiber can be used in the power communication well, finally gives the way that the fiber is applied in the electric power system, and makes a brief description of the networking technology. The application of optical fiber in electric power communication network has brought convenience to the normal and efficient operation of grid system.

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