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Method Of Improving Fault Location Accuracy Of Optical Cable Line
- Sep 07, 2018 -

1, set the parameters of the OTDR. When using OTDR testing, the instrument parameter must be set first, the most important of which is to set the refractive index and test wavelength of the test fiber. Only the basic parameters of the test instrument can be set accurately to create the conditions for accurate testing.

2. Use the magnification function of the instrument.

The use of the OTDR amplification function can be accurately set the cursor at the corresponding inflection point, using the magnification function keys to enlarge the graph to 25 m/grid, so that the resolution is less than 1 meters of more accurate test results.

3, adjust the accurate test range file.

For different test range profiles, the range resolution of the OTDR test is different, and when measuring the fiber barrier point, you should choose a test range file that is larger than the measured distance and the most recent, in order to take full advantage of the meter's own accuracy to measure. Secondly, the maintenance management process should establish accurate, complete original documents. The accurate completion of the optical cable line file is the basic basis for fault measurement and positioning.

Therefore, the maintenance management process can not be careless, should establish a true, credible, complete line data. While in the optical cable continuous monitoring, recording the test end to each joint point position of the optical fiber cumulative length and the relay section fiber total attenuation value, but also the test instrument model, test the index of the refraction rate to register. Accurate recording of all kinds of optical cables remaining.

Detailed records of each joint pit, special lot, s-shaped laying, into the room, such as optical cable disk length and connector box, terminal box, ODF rack and other parts of the optical fiber disk length, in order to convert the fault point routing length is deducted. In addition, consistency of test conditions should be maintained during the measurement. Obstacle test should try to ensure consistency of test instrument model, operation method and instrument parameter setting, such test results are comparable.

Therefore, each test instrument model, test parameters of the settings are to be detailed records for later use. Finally, comprehensive analysis. The test of the barrier point requires the operator to have clear thinking and flexible methods of dealing with the problem, logical thinking clearly wherever it is useful. Under normal circumstances, the two ends of the fiber optic cable line is a bidirectional fault test, and then combined with the original data analysis, and then prepare to determine the specific location of the fault. When the link around the fault point has no obvious characteristics, the specific field can not be determined, then we may take the nearest joint measurement method, can be excavated at the initial test of the barrier point, the end station test instrument in real-time measurement status.