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Optical Cable Identification Advantages And Disadvantages
- Sep 07, 2018 -

First, the skin: Indoor cable is generally used polyvinyl chloride or flame retardant polyvinyl chloride, the appearance should be smooth, bright, flexible, easy to peel.

Poor quality fiber optic cable skin finish is not good, easy and inside the tight sleeve, aramid adhesion. Outdoor fiber optic cable PE sheath should be used high-quality black polyethylene, into a cable after the skin flat, bright, uniform thickness, no small bubbles.

Inferior fiber optic cable of the skin generally with recycled material production, this can save a lot of costs, such an optical cable epidermis is not smooth, because there are many impurities in the raw material, made out of the fiber optic cable skin has a lot of very small pit Wow, a long time on the cracking, water.

Second, optical fiber: Regular fiber optic cable production enterprises generally use a class A fiber core, some low-quality fiber optic cable usually use C-class, D-class fiber and unknown smuggled fiber, these fibers because of complex source, factory time longer, often has damp discoloration, and multimode fiber is often mixed with single-mode fiber, But the general small factory lacks the necessary testing equipment, cannot make the judgement to the fiber quality.

Because the naked eye can not identify such optical fiber, the construction of the problem is: the bandwidth is very narrow, the transmission distance is short, uneven thickness, not with the tail fiber docking; The fiber lacks flexibility, and when the disc is bent, it breaks. Third, strengthen the steel wire: the regular manufacturer of the outdoor cable steel wire is phosphating treatment, the surface is gray, so that the wire into a cable does not increase the hydrogen loss, not rust, high strength. Poor quality fiber optic cable is generally replaced with fine wire or aluminum wire, the identification method is very easy-the appearance of white, pinch on the hand can be bent freely.

With such a wire production of optical cables hydrogen loss, a long time, the two ends of the fiber-optic box will rust break.

Four, steel Armor: the formal production enterprises adopt double-sided brush antirust coating longitudinal bandage steel belt, inferior optical fiber cable is ordinary tin, usually only one side made Antirust treatment. Five, loose casing: Fiber optic cable in the loose casing should be used PBT material, such a high strength of the casing, not deformation, anti-aging. Inferior fiber cable is generally used PVC casing, such casing outside diameter is very thin, with a pinch on the flat, a bit like we drink the straw.